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Prayer Filled With Good Wishes Will Always Be Granted

Why hasn’t our www.miraclehealingprayers.com/ to God been answered immediately? There are several reasons why our prayers to God are rejected and answered even though we have prayed to God properly. Prayer is a weapon and a shield for the believers. The fortress is a prayer and the weapon is a cry. In any religion, prayer occupies a very important position. Not only used to ask for the necessities of life alone but as a means of interacting with God and also a means of worship. There are many reasons why God is not granting our prayer yet because there are conditions for the granting of prayers.

Prayer is a person’s main weapon. But most of us forget this. Prayer indicates that a person depends on what is desired by God. And that includes the qualities favored by God. God has also invited believers to pray for Him. He even promised to answer prayers. Many people pray for acts that cause their prayers to be rejected and not answered, because of their ignorance about the conditions of prayer, whereas if one of the conditions is not met, then the prayer is not answered. Including when doing acts of immorality and sin. There are several reasons for the refusal of prayer by God. God granted his servant’s request without exception. However, there are several reasons a person is not answered by a human servant’s prayer.

If someone prays and does not ask for a sinner or the termination of a relative unless God will grant one of the three; Prayers will be granted or postponed for deposits in the hereafter or remove from them bad things such as praying for disobedience or praying to break the relationship, decide the relationship can be in the form of not greeting each other, obstructing each other and not doing good with all relatives and family. God will grant prayer that hopes for good in others and will never grant the obstructive prayer.