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Why Hypnosis Is Popular

The reason many people use covert hypnosis program by igor ledochowski is that we can effectively communicate with other people’s unconscious minds without them knowing. So this person did not know they were in a light trance. It may even be that they do not appear to be in a state of trance as understood by people in conventional hypnosis (overt hypnosis) because they are in a very conscious condition. This means that in conditions of conversation we can do a trance-work without the person realizing that they have entered a trance, even without knowing that we are working something to them. In covert hypnosis, all ‘work’ is done cleverly by using a pattern of words that are highly disguised, indirect, undetectable, even unexpected by the listener.

Why people can be triggered by a trance without having to go through formal induction because people every day have entered trance naturally. For example, when you watch TV/movies, daydream, read books and lost in the pages, or when driving a car and feel surprised how come all of a sudden have arrived at the destination without remembering the travel process. According to Milton Erickson, the unconscious of a human being is always listening, especially if the conscious mind is confused, overloaded or focused on other things. For example, when the conscious mind is focused on reading the contents of a story (metaphor), the subconscious can recognize various other things such as changes in the shape of letters, bold signs, italics, and others.

Hypnosis can be used to do a variety of needs such as mental reprogramming for yourself or others, therapy for various psychological disorders, such as trauma, phobia, fear, and others. Persuasive communication, both to influence the child to be more according to parents, influences friends, subordinates, superiors, prospective customers to buy and so on. Entertainment namely stages hypnotism. Use post-hypnotic effects to bring up various funny, weird and senseless situations on the stage. Medical treatment, such as anesthesia, birth, etc. Forensic, for example, crime investigation, interview corruption/irregularities in the company, etc. Is hypnosis dangerous? If done in the right and professional hands, there are no dangers and side effects. Hypnosis is now very scientific and modern, researched and developed using a highly tested methodology. Its existence is recognized by various international institutions including medical institutions.