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Tricky Tips To Make Your Small Bathroom Renovation More Spacious

Do you want to hire bathroom renovation northern virginia but you have small space? Actually, many homeowners have a small bathroom remodeling northern virginia. That is why they prefer to do some renovation that can make their bathroom feel more spacious. Of course, it is not easy. You may find some challenges.

Setting or renovating a small bathroom may be tricky. You must know the tips and tricks to set all the furniture and make the bathroom fairly spacious. It will deal with the use and placement of the furniture, add some tricky furniture set, and even making some tricky decoration.

How To Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Spacious
Here, you can learn how to make a spacious bathroom feel even it is in a small space. We offer you some tips and tricks that you can do by yourself.

1. Adding storage is one of the tricky ways to be conducted. Hidden storage will save the place. Moreover, it can save more items or toiletries. Therefore the small bathroom will look clean, neat and also light enough.

2. Be more functional! As known, functionality is one of the keys that turn your small bathroom to feel wider. It can also remove the clutter and mess situation. You can only add the items that are very crucial in the bathroom. In this case, reducing non-important stuff is away and optimize it with the functional furniture sets

3. The next way is planning the appropriate palette. Palette will give a big influence on your small bathroom. The best palette for a small space is the neutral color. Brown and white may be the recommended one.

4. If you have chosen the neutral palette as the basic color theme, now you must add a pop of color tone. The bolder color tone can be added to some of your fixtures or furniture. The bolder tones can give a more attractive appearance.

Well, do you want to realize it? You may need a high professional contractor. Therefore, we recommend you to contact Foley homes Company as the best vendor they offer their professionalism, experiences, and also satisfying results. Of course, the price is affordable. Check it out now to get the best bathroom renovation northern virginia for small space.