How To Enlarge Arm Muscles Quickly

Having an athletic body, with optimal arm muscles, a flat stomach and sixpack, a sturdy chest, and proportional legs are the dreams of many people. Both men and women crave the perfect body shape like this. However, usually, when the intention to become slim and muscular appears, the arm becomes one of the main focuses. The reason is, forming and enlarging the arm muscles is easier and faster than, for example, removing fat in the abdomen using duradry.

A thorough exercise will produce a better arm. That’s one of the guidelines that apply in the world of bodybuilding. Okay, isolation exercises like curls and extensions can indeed make your arms bigger. However, compound moves with heavyweights are a better way to shape the arms. Remember, don’t focus too much on lifting heavier weights first. Accuracy of movement and exercise is more important than weights of barbells.

1. Curls
To do these curls you must hold two weights with the same weight then you can stretch your arms. Point the two barbells towards your chest. Try when moving the barbell towards the chest, don’t let the elbow move from its place. Do this curls movement consistently.

2. Rear-delts raise
Stretch your arms 180 degrees and lean your body forward, then lift one of your legs. After that, start moving your hands like a bird flapping its wings. Don’t forget to take turns lifting one leg to the other. This way of raising your arms can also be used as a balance exercise.

3. Triceps down dog
To do this movement is quite easy and can also make our large arm muscles quickly. Take a position like when you want to plank. Both palms and soles of the feet must be grounded. Both of our elbows bend to support our bodies. Then slowly lift your hips up.

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