3 Bad Effects Habits Of Storing Many Items

Maybe sometimes we feel reluctant to throw away an item or give it to someone else because the item has a lot of memories or gifts from someone special. It is still considered normal. But if someone is extraordinary to sacrifice comfort is a sign of mental illness. Everyone will definitely save things that are considered necessary in the house or in 迷你倉. But often become unused for a long time. For some people, storing objects becomes serious if he has reached the stage of storing up too much-used goods, and has difficulty to set aside things that he would not actually use. This is known as hoarding read more.

Basically, hoarding is a psychological problem, but most people who experience hoarders don’t realize if they have this disorder. These 3 side effects will be experienced by the habit practitioner. This is a danger if someone has a ‘hoarder’ habit or is too much to save a lot of things.

1. An atmosphere that encourages stress
If you can save a lot of goods, there may be good things you can get because you don’t need to go out to buy more. But if the item is still maintained even 4-5 years but has never been used directly, it is a wrong action. The house will become increasingly full. It will affect the body, mental and physical after a day of work becomes crowded. This can make you have a lot of thoughts and stress.

2. Encouraging Excessive Habits
Apparently, the habit of collecting a lot of these items can also occur in our eating habits. Studies have proven that this is one of the causes that cause us to overeat. You should pay attention that people who like to collect a lot of these items consist of people who are obese.

3. Less Productive
Stacks of goods not only make our eyes hurt but hold our minds to work. Imagine if you see hundreds of email inboxes that have made us stressed, not to mention the goods in plain sight. This, of course, makes it difficult for us to focus on work.

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